Video: Bunting – No Party Required

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, especially on any wedding board, you’ve seen bunting. (Exhibit A, above – image from here) It’s a whimsical party classic. I have my bff to blame for my love of bunting. Years ago, she made some bunting garland for a party with polka dots that made me grin. I’ve adored it ever since. When I texted her about this post, she answered in the most appropriate way, “I need more bunting in my life!” I couldn’t agree more.
So, this post and mini-tutorial is for people who need more bunting in their lives. This craft will give you an excuse to add color and fun to spaces just for the hell of it. You don’t have to be a bride to decorate with bunting. Spring is reason enough – no party is required! A sash over the window, on the rim of a mason jar, flair over the patio – any space that needs a little life is fair game.
Put those paper and fabric scraps and remnants to use and make yourself some bunting. I can only hope it will make you smile as much as me.

Bunting Abounds! Here’s a little more fun:

My Etsy cards (I told you I was hooked!)

Bunting Necklace! I can wear this around my neck? Love!


3 thoughts on “Video: Bunting – No Party Required

  1. Jennifer

    Adorable! I always love these when I see them, say to myself that I’m going to make one, and never do… thanks for the inspiration and sharing your tips on making them. Think I’ll give it a try!

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