Serve with a Lawn Chair and a Straw

The sunny weather we’ve had the past few days has been a gift. We got our uncharacteristically warm spring weather a little later than most of our friends around the country, but it arrived just in time for spring break. I’ve taken advantage of the nice weather to get some much needed work done in the yard, but I’ve also taken some time to relax. I’ve been pretending it’s summer. I lean back, put my feet up and enjoy beverages with straws in them. This beet green smoothie was one of them.

This would be the type of smoothie that I would serve to my sister and make her drink it first before telling her what’s in it. Its vibrant burgundy color and fruity flavor shines, making the main ingredient, a big bunch of beet greens, an after thought.

Forced to pull all of the overwintering chard and beets out of what will be my tomato bed, I was faced with a crisper drawer full of leafy greens. As much as I love to eat sautéed leafy greens, there’s only so much of that one girl can take. So, into the blender they went and out came this delicious beverage. Just in time to enjoy the sun.

Beet Green Smoothie

1 small bunch beet greens, stems trimmed
1 orange, quartered
1/4 cup raw cashews
about 1/2 cup frozen raspberries

Add the greens, cashews and raspberries to the blender. Squeeze the orange slices into the blender and add the flesh to the blender or eat it as you go, like me. Blend until smooth and enjoy, preferably in a lawn chair with a straw.


5 thoughts on “Serve with a Lawn Chair and a Straw

  1. radhi

    green smoothies are the BEST! will try your concoction with kale for a post workout boost later! happiest of birthdays to one of the most important people in my life. i love you!

  2. JP

    A favorite around our place: banana, huge bunch of greens (kale or spinach), frozen strawberries, rice milk or similar to add a bit of sweetness. I’ll have you try your version.

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