Taking Shape

My giving garden (a.k.a. the garden I’ve dedicated to growing food for the food bank) really started taking shape this weekend and the weather couldn’t have been more lovely. I sweet talked Jeremy into taking me up to Cedar Grove in Everett in his big truck and hauling a yard of vegetable garden mix back to my front lawn giving garden. I was delighted it didn’t rain on us in the process.

I discovered that Cedar Grove now delivers smaller quantities of soil, like a yard, where before, the minimum for delivery was three. However, getting one yard of soil delivered makes the cost $100 more than the $29 it would cost for just the soil. So, with Jeremy’s truck and amazingly helpful labor, I got mine at the bargain price.

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this field trip – the anticipation, sitting in the truck, watching the big earthmover scoot in and scoop up a big mound of soil. Turned around in my seat like a kid, I peer out the back window, watching as the dirt is slowly dumped into the bed of the truck, pushing the truck down with the weight of its load.

The soil is the most beautiful shade of brown, almost black, so moist and airy, I can’t help but grab a big handful so I can feel the dirt. With my hand covered in mud, I’m left to wash it off with the water from water bottle. I just can’t help it. Winter may be taking a toll on my garden psyche.

Even though I insisted on helping, Jeremy never made me shovel the dirt. “It’s almost done,” he’d say. He made countless wheelbarrow loads to the wine bottle borders and I giggled as he tried to maneuver around my tight pathways, which look a lot prettier than they are functional.

Then, as he went back for more, I’d level and rake the soil into those hard-to-reach places. I raked the soil over what used to be my front lawn and wondered what my neighbors must think. The yard, which from some perspectives is their view, is more productive than it is pretty. I wonder if they sometimes think, man, I didn’t know I was moving into farm country.

In less than a few hours, my giving garden raised beds were filled with soil and ready to plant. And just like that, it all came together and started making sense. From now on, people would know what the mysterious wine bottle were for. It’s obvious now. My front yard is so ready to get growing, I can hardly wait to see how much food I can give!

9 thoughts on “Taking Shape

  1. Jennifer

    It looks amazing already! Are those wine bottles lining the beds?! Beautiful! What do you think of Dirt Exchange in Ballard? I’ve gotten dirt there before as they carry a bunch of mixes from CG. Is it more reasonable to go straight to cedar grove in Everett?

  2. radhi

    oh my goodness, i’m so giddy! from the very start of this amazing idea to now, it’s so fun to see it all bloom- pun intented. can hardly wait for the spring!

  3. Daedre

    The delivery costs of soil and compost always gives me quite a shock. It’s not worth it unless you’re ordering multiple yards of soil.

    Unfortunately I don’t have access to a truck. I’ve considered renting a uHaul and transporting it myself (not sure what uHaul would think of filling of of their trucks with compost).

  4. Lindsey @ NW Backyard Veggies

    I love the look of the raked in soil – positively begging to be planted and put to good use.

    And we are all giddy to get started. I was eyeing my soil filled tires (for later squash…) and reminding myself it’s too EARLY TO PLANT!

  5. sweta

    Are the wine bottles just for decoration/delineating the beds, or do they also serve some other function?

    looks exciting!

  6. SusanK

    Next time you need more soil, check out Sky Nursery in Shoreline. They have bulk CG compost, planting mix and much more. I just got two yards of planting mix for $29.57 per yard (tax included). They only deliver 10 yards and up but can refer you to someone who will deliver 1-3 yards. I checked out that option and it was almost double, so we borrowed a pickup.

  7. Cheryl

    it looks like a giant map of the us! i also discovered a wonderful idea of how to use wine bottles in your garden while in kenya =) i will send you the pics!

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