Terra Plata

I went to the NW Flower and Garden Show again this year for a little pre-spring time inspiration. A friend and I played hooky from work and went for the opening day. It never ceases to amaze me how crowded it can be, even on a weekday. Much like last year, the moment I walk into that convention center, I have an unconscious agenda – to seek out all things edible, sustainable, and reusable or repurposed. I could care less about the fanciful ornamentals, but a display of edibles and urban farming will stop me in my tracks. Inevitably, I end up stopping by the booths of my favorite local businesses I already support.

I didn’t see too much that really inspired me this year, although the terrariums were lovely. If last year was the year of the succulent, this year was most definitely the year of the terrarium. I think I need to find a place in my fence to put a terrarium porthole.

The best part of the day for me though was lunch. On our way to another place we had in mind, we took a detour to Terra Plata instead, a restaurant in the Melrose Market that has been on my list since it opened. At a thick, rustic table with wood chairs that needed a little muscle to move, we had the most delicious lunch.

We shared a delicious arugula beet salad, a most fitting starter to try considering my newfound taste for beets, thanks in part to recipes from Tender. The nonalcoholic citrus fizzes were delightful too.

Originally, I had my eye on the farro risotto, but when our waitress told us about the day’s special, a rabbit and root vegetable “pot pie” with a cheesy drop biscuit on top, I was sold. I’m a mission to develop a better sensibility for how to cook rabbit since I plan to incorporate them into my urban farm this year. If the rabbit I cook is as good as the rabbit I ate for lunch, it will be a most worthwhile endeavor.

I’m not quite ready to cross this one off the list just yet. I told Jeremy we should put this on our list for date night and I think we should keep it that way. After all, I only sampled the lunch menu. Who knows what seasonal goodness awaits me for dinner?


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  1. Michelle

    Today’s Weekday on KPLU had Thierry Rautureau giving suggestions for how to cook rabbits, including tips on where to separate them if you’re doing your own butchering. I bet there’s a podcast of it on the KUOW website.
    Also, I’m now suddenly considering using test tubes of succulents as favors at my wedding- though it might be more practical to have them stick out the top, so they have room to grow.


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