One of those days

Today has been one of those days. One of those days when comfort food is in order. It was one of those days when I ate lunch in a meeting and then didn’t stop meeting until I was met with traffic that caused my commute to be almost an hour. When my bff sent me a text asking how my second week was going, I responded that my head was going to explode. It was one of those kinds of days. You know, when you pack your car up with work to bring home knowing full well, there’s no way you have the mental capacity to keep going. I think it will be all I can do tonight just to eat. It was one of those days when after I heard the pizza guy on the phone say that the seasonal pizza right now is fig and prosciutto, I almost cried. Yes, that’s what I want, please. It was one of those days when on my way home I thought to myself, “Thank you, last week-Stacy, for buying that bottle of Barbera D’Alba. What foresight you had!” And it just happened to be the same day that I connected with one lovely lady from the Seattle Farm co-op that was offering up a trade for her surplus of eggs. During a time when I’ve been having to throw mine away. I happily traded a few half pints of apricot-rosemary jam and blueberry butter for the little bit of comfort I needed right now – a dozen beautiful, backyard-fresh eggs. Let’s not talk about the fact that one broke somehow on the dozen’s way inside. No, let’s just focus on what comfort that’s going to bring me this weekend because you can be sure that I’ll be eating a decadent puff pastry quiche come Sunday. So the moral of this story is, when life gives you coccidiosis, trade for eggs! Thank goodness for community!

12 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. meg

    Ah, fig and proscuitto. Must order pizza! Hey, if you need eggs girl, let me know. I’m up to my eyeballs in eggs. I can drop them off for you next time I’m on northend if you like. Really. We are getting at least 7/day and only 2 of us eat eggs. Email me.

  2. Libby

    Glad the eggs could improve your day. Our connection/exchange brightened my day as well. Sorry you had a rough one. I love meeting people through community and sharing ideas & goods! We have not yet tried your jams but they look delicious!

  3. Kristy Lynn @ Gastronomical Sovereignty

    i think THIS is how we should be coming about food – growing it and trading on a communal level. Early last Spring I had a surplus of chitted potatoes which I traded for a dozen incredible bright blue eggs – best I’ve ever eaten. So glad you’re on the food trading train! Choo Choo!


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