Melrose Market is the Coolest!

A few months before my bff Radhi and her two girlfriends came to visit, she sent me this:

In a dolled up envelop was an article from the May issue of Food and Wine, raving about Capital Hill’s Melrose Market. Radhi’s adorable commentary was peppered throughout the article in her familiar handwriting.

Melrose Market had been on my wish list for quite some time, but for some reason, I just never made it over there even though it’s so close. Upon receiving this delightful correspondence, I purposely avoided it until she got here, so I could enjoy it for the first time like a visitor as well. And I’m so glad I did! It was one of the best staycation outings of the whole trip. And lucky me, I live close enough to return!

The market is a localtarian’s paradise with a variety of speciality shops and restaurants all committed to offering fresh, seasonal and local products. In the article, Sara Dickerman described it best when she wrote,

The vendors at Melrose Market are connected by such symbiotic relationships. Marigold and Mint’s herbs, for instance, flavor cocktails at Dillon’s (chef and owner of Sitka & Spruce) Bar Ferd’nand and lamb sausages made by butcher-turned-chef-turned butcher Russell Flint at Rain Shadow Meats. Rain Shadow’s sausages sometimes appear on the menu at Sitka & Spruce. So does the artisanal cheese sold at the Calf and Kid.

And seriously, never have I ever wanted to go to a restaurant so bad than after I actually saw Sitka & Spruce. It was so open and lovely, like eating in a big farm kitchen with the chef cooking right next to you. Now I want to go there more than ever. Hello! Best date spot ever! A girl can hope, right?

But, wait! It gets better! Now, Sitka & Spruce has a pantry too, which they use in meals prepared at the restaurant and to sell to the public. On their website they explain,

The Pantry at S&S is a functioning element of our kitchen that is in use daily to create the dishes that we serve.   And we are now expanding it out into the public’s reach, where you may draw on it to inform and enhance your kitchen and cooking at home.

To inform and enhance my kitchen and cooking? Yes, please! And thank you!

Of course, we had to check out the flower shop, Marigold and Mint, and not just because of the adorable sandwich board sign outside, listing what special in-season flowers were available that day.

No, this shop has been on my radar and wish list since I met owner, Katherine, at her table at the Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair in the fall. Yes, I’ve waited that long to finally make my way over there. And it was even cuter in person than I imagined.

In addition to beautiful bouquets, Marigold and Mint also sells fresh herbs, local produce, and other crafty wares. I heart the store’s line drawing tote bag!

Nestled upstairs in a loft space in the building is the only shop in the market that doesn’t sell edibles, Butter Home. It does offer, however, the most adorable, funky food and farm-related housewares you could ever want. I showed much restraint, but I pretty much could have bought everything in the store, especially the ceramic berry baskets I’ve been pining over.

 Needless to say, I was totally impressed by my visit to Melrose and was so proud that that kind of ingenuity and connectedness was being so prominently displayed and embraced in my city.

And it was made even better by being able to experience the newness of it all with my very best friend by my side. And we really did have the best time rambling all over Seattle. Can you tell?

*Thanks, Miss Jackie Fine, for taking so many awesome photos when I was too busy gawking. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Melrose Market is the Coolest!

  1. radhi

    awww shucks! i freaking miss you to pieces! i can’t believe you saved that article & my chicken scratch! it was amazing to experience that market with you, and i was so flattered that you waited for our visit. i love you TONS!

  2. Jackie

    Glad I could be your photog for the day! Thank YOU for showing us such southern hospitality all the way up north. 😉

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