Grilled Apricots Made Me Giggle

It’s no surprise to learn that I am a major food nerd and enjoy a good meal (or two or three). I am easily delighted by food these days. But I know something is truly delicious when it makes me laugh. I know it sounds weird. But sometimes I find myself sitting at a table, trying a bite of something, and am so overwhelmed with the joy of it all that my reaction is to laugh. These apricots made me giggle.

I brushed the hot grill with a little bit of olive oil, sliced three perfectly ripe local apricots, and set them on the hot grate, pit side down.

After a few minutes, when the sweet little halves had grill marks on them, I flipped them over and put a little nugget of Samish Bay cheddar cheese in the middle of them where the pit used to be.

A few minutes later, I put them on my plate, drizzled honey on them (took some pictures of them outside where the light was better and had to fight off a chicken that almost got them for herself), and proceeded to sit at the table and eat myself into silly contentment. Six minutes of effort was never more worth it.

2 thoughts on “Grilled Apricots Made Me Giggle

  1. Donna Hartmann-Miller

    I don’t do apricots (allergy) but I have done grilled peaches. Cut in half, then cut in half again so you have “discs” rather than wedges. Sprinkle with a Tom Douglas Rub-with-Love. Grill. Yum. Something about the mixture of spices make the peaches reach new heights in flavour.


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