Sunday Supper: Fun with figs!

The date: Sunday, July 24, 2011

The menu: Grilled prosciutto-wrapped figs, leftover farro, pea shoot salad, and chilled gewürztraminer

The inspiration: my good friend, Kristine, and Willi from DigginFood

This dinner was probably the best outcome of a run ever (besides of course all the burned calories). Somehow the topic of figs came up during our loop around the lake and it surfaced that I have never actually eaten a fresh fig before. My mouth was watering as Kristine suggested wrapping them in prosciutto and putting them on the grill. I went directly to the store on my way home and bought myself some figs.

And that’s pretty much what I ate for dinner – a basket of figs, rubbed with a touch of olive oil, wrapped in thinly sliced Italian prosciutto (I had to fudge the local thing just a little for this indulgence), grilled to perfection. I added some leftover farro to the side so it didn’t seem like the only thing I was eating was a decadent hors d’oeuvre. I also had my first pea shoot salad, which was the most delicate and delicious accompaniment to my fig main course.

With every delicious bite, as fig juices dripped down my chin, I thought to myself, Figs! Where have you been all my life? Why have I never eaten fresh figs before? They are delicious! And it’s funny because that evening, I saw that both Ashley and Kate were having fun with figs too. Grilled cheese with thyme honey and figs? Seriously? Yes, please! Sounds like dinner. I am so glad I finally caught on to this. Although I may have created a monster.

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