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Ok, ok. Has everyone already heard about this and I just missed the memo? I just happened upon this little blurb about Cafe Nordo in my Sunset magazine. I checked out the website, hoping to buy a ticket to see the show called The Modern American Chicken. But unfortunately, I was too late. See, these show/dinner combos are seasonal and the chicken show was a fall show. Did you catch that? Even the show that goes with the meal is seasonal! How cool is that? Now I’ve never actually eaten a meal or seen a show at said Cafe Nordo, but you better believe I’m going to buy me a ticket to indulge in the spring show. It sounds like an amazing time. Just look at the description from the website:

In Café Nordo’s pursuit of unadulterated digestions, theatrical cuisine combats the theology of blandness that permeates our culture, and hopefully busts a gut or two. Carnal Food is the cleansing of one’s perception of diet, a hedonist’s approach to gastronomic revelation, a melodramatic confrontation with what lies on the plate. This is food the way a man and woman were meant to eat it. This is a conversation with your food and the food talks back.

Enough said.

*Image from Cafe Nordo

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  1. Chef Nordo Lefesczki

    Lovely site and thank you for the mention. If you email me at, we will add you to our mailing list, and keep you up date with our goings on so you don’t miss another. Best of luck with your winter bounty, and we’ll see you when the asparagus awes us once again.

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