A Fresh Start

The winter solstice just passed. It’s the time when the days will begin to feel longer. We’re getting closer to spring and for me this time is symbolic. It’s a time for new growth and a reminder that new and brighter days are coming.

It’s time for a fresh start and nothing makes me feel better than new paint and colorful fabric. Now, I realize this post doesn’t seem to fit my blog’s typical theme, although I did use Benjamin Moore’s line of “green” paint, Natura. But, there’s more to it than meets the eye. I rejuvenated a neglected space by scavenging for old furniture, putting a lot of old things to use, and supporting several local businesses and artists along the way. Besides, I’m a gardener and an artist. And those of you that know me, know that my artistic whims contribute to my farmhouse aesthetic and the ambiance in my cozy home.

This room makeover is more than just a redecoration project though. While this room will most definitely be used for my sewing hobby, it will also be used to write.  It’s a declaration to make space in my life for my writing, for this blog. It’s about more than just getting my laptop off of the kitchen table. It’s my commitment to future posts, future epiphanies, and future lessons learned.
An old door from The Re Store in Ballard became the tabletop for my new desk.

I scored this piece of furniture from the Goodwill for only $10. It was pretty beat up, but I think it was probably priced so low because of how heavy it is. I got my dad to help me haul it home, but when the two of us fought to get it in the house, there was a point when I worried if we’d be able to make it. My dad wasn’t kidding when he said it was the heaviest thing he’s ever moved.

It was so worth it! With a coat of paint and some awesome hardware from local business, Spokane Hardware Supply, it got new life and is just the thing to hold all my crafty necessities!

This little beauty was only $7 at the Goodwill.

And it’s the most adorable piece of furniture for a printer! A reem of paper fits perfectly in the little nook on the side.

This little bird by Annie Bailey called “American Redstart” was a piece I bought when I was in Helena, MT in November at my favorite little shop there, Frayed Sew. Annie has a shop on Etsy called Paper and Canvas with lots of other fabulous prints.

Saying I love beautiful, colorful fabric would be an understatement. I decided to hang these vibrant pieces on the wall in big quilting hoops. I stood in Fabric Crush for ages trying to decide which fabric to choose and it only took 2/3 of a yard of each fabric, even for the biggest hoop, to create this look .

So, here’s to a fresh start in 2011! I wish you all a very happy and abundant new year!

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  1. Cheryl

    in love with your inspiration room! i want you to come back to atlanta and give me some decorating tips =) happy new year! i know 2011 is gonna be a great one!


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