Garden Junk Corral

I’m getting my backyard farm pretty dialed in, but the one thing that always  kind of bugged me was the unsightly little collection of potting soil bags and ugly garden buckets.

I need those things – I just want them to be corralled (and out of sight).

You know how much I value my garden’s artsy asthetic, so I set to work to build a box for those things using found and reclaimed materials. I didn’t need it to be fancy, just four sides and a lid.

I really wanted to use these two old windows I rediscovered when I cleaned out a shed this summer.  However, the transparent panes of glass would not really conceal the objects inside, which really was the point all along. So, I got out the Mod Podge and some magazines and let my creativity run loose. I made a different collage in each pane of glass and I swear, every time I look at them, I notice something new. I am delighted with how it turned out!

The only things I purchased to make this box were two old windows from The RE Store in Ballard (to accompany the two windows I already had), a strip of wiggle moulding for the roof, and two hinges.  I used the leftover materials I had from making my compost bin roof for this project. In the end, I spent less than $20, was able to use up a bunch of materials that weren’t been used, and I now have a colorful, shabby-chic garden junk corral that I love!

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